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Want to find out more about rowing or give it a try? Learn all about what rowing has to offer here!


Whether you’re looking to keep fit, meet people or just escape onto the water, rowing has something for everyone, from age 12 or so up!

Try rowing

The easiest way to get started in rowing is to try it. Just look for a Learn to Row course at a club near you. Most community clubs run these in the spring and summer. Student clubs are usually geared up to take on beginners at the start of the academic year in September. Look out for the boat club stand at your Freshers Fair!

Trying rowing for the first time is easy for everyone.

Learn to Row courses are aimed at complete beginners. You don’t need to know anything about rowing or boats to join one, although you should be able to swim 50m in clothing. Learn to Row courses carefully build your skills so that you you’ll soon be able to call yourself a rower!

Find your nearest rowing club and get yourself out on the water!

If you prefer rowing on dry land, check out our Indoor Rowing section where you will find top tips to help you get started.

If you’re having any difficulties signing up to a course near you, please email for more advice.

Returning to rowing after a break?

No problem! Whatever your experience, you’ll be very welcome at your local rowing club. Whether you last rowed as a junior, a student or in your 20s, your skills will come back to you quickly.

Perhaps you have kids who are old enough that you’ve got time to do something for yourself again, or maybe they’ve even taken up rowing and you’ve been inspired to get back into it yourself! Whatever your situation, just explain what you’ve done before and what you want to do in rowing now to the club and they’ll help you slot right back in.

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Why Row?

Rowing club members love the sport for lots of different reasons but for many, being part of a community is the most important

Types of Rowing

Rowing on water takes many forms and there is a type of rowing out there for you!

Learn to Row

Getting started in rowing couldn't be easier! 

Find a rowing activity

Use this tool to find a rowing club, rowing race or training course near you

Summer Rowing Courses and Camps 2024

A round-up of intensive rowing courses in England and elsewhere, mainly for juniors, for beginners and those who want to develop their skills


To help you get the most out of rowing, here's a run down on some the equipment you may be using

What to Wear for Rowing

You don’t need special or expensive sports kit when you’re getting started

Rowing Events and Races

There are lots of different types of rowing events, from side-by-side racing over 2,000m as seen at the Olympic and Paralympic Games to head races, sprints, tours and challenges

Volunteer in rowing

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to rowing and to make friends - whether or not you're a rower yourself

Join British Rowing or renew your membership today

We have a range of membership types, designed to support whatever you do in rowing

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To help you get the most out of rowing, here's a run down on some the equipment you may be using

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Learn to Row

Getting started in rowing couldn't be easier! 

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Inside Indoor

Indoor rowing resources powered by British Rowing


Inside Indoor is packed full of indoor rowing technique videos, workouts, training plans, technical guidance and more – all designed by experts to help you make the most out of your sessions. Anything you might want to know about indoor rowing, you'll find it here!

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