Junior Trials FAQs

How do I register as a coach?

Registration is online.  To receive the coach registration information and link to register e-mail Holly Furniss.


When do I register as a coach?

Registration will open in September 2021 and close in October 2021.  Rower registration will follow after.


If I registered last year, do I need to register again?

Yes.  We need coaches to register on an annual basis.


How do I register a rower?

Once you have registered yourself as a Junior Coach on the GBRT Junior Programme you will be sent information about how to register your rowers via e-mail.


I have a J16 athlete – do I need to register them in November?

No.  J16 rowers are not required to attend the Early ID Assessments.  J16 rowers are able to attend a J16 assessment in February to be selected for a sculling camp.  Please note February assessments are not the time trials for the GB France J16 Match.



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