British Rowing bring Science in Sport on board as Official Performance Nutrition Supplier

The agreement will see Science in Sport renew its support of the GB Rowing Team through the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games and provide a valuable discount for British Rowing members


British Rowing has today announced a new partnership with Science in Sport, the world’s leading performance nutrition brand. The deal will run through to the end of 2024, encompassing the GB Rowing Team’s preparations and racing at the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics in Paris.

Additionally, British Rowing members will get 50% off all products on

Wendy Martinson, Lead Nutritionist for the GB Rowing Team, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Science in Sport again – there’s a huge amount of training and racing ahead of the squad over the next three years, and having Science in Sport as our Official Performance Nutrition Supplier means our athletes will be optimally supported, with confidence that they can responsibly and diligently trace each product they are considering using.”

Indeed, Science in Sport is the only brand globally to hold both Informed Manufacturer and Informed Sport Product Certification. Rowers will easily be able to find batch certificates for Science in Sport products by using Informed Sport who screen all of their products to considerably minimise the risk of consumption of a World Anti-Doping Agency banned substance.

Sam Driver, Global Head of Elites at Science in Sport, said: “At Science in Sport, we’re delighted to be partnering with British Rowing once again. It’s a fantastic organisation to work with and we’re excited to support a step change in nutrition practice.

“British Rowing will have access to our expert support structure and exclusive product catalogue to give them a performance edge, providing its athletes with world class nutritional support and the latest innovations to fuel their preparations and performances up to Paris 2024.

“Science in Sport is trusted by professional athletes globally. A key component of this trust is our approach to preventing banned substances entering our supply chain and finished products and we remain the only brand to hold both Informed Manufacturer and Informed Sport Product Certification.

“Every single Science in Sport product is triple screened against the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances, ensuring British Rowing has access to the safest supplements in the industry.”

British Rowing Director of Partnerships and Communications Kenny Baillie also commented: “We always encourage rowers to take a food-first approach to nutrition but we know that there are some circumstances that mean rowers may wish to use products like those provided by Science in Sport. We’re delighted to be able to offer our team and wider rowing community access to their top-quality products at a reduced price.”

For details on how to access the 50% discount code for British Rowing members, visit this page and login using your normal British Rowing username and password.

Additionally, to celebrate this announcement, Science in Sport are offering an extra 10% off over Black November for members and non-members alike! Simply use discount code BR10 at checkout.

FAQ: How do I access the member discount?

Later today, British Rowing members who are aged over 18 will receive an email with a copy of the member discount code, as well as a reminder of the special offer for Science in Sport’s Black November sale. Members will be able to access the member discount code on an ongoing basis, as well as a range of other rewards by logging into their membership profile or visiting this page on British Rowing Plus.

FAQ: How does this partnership sit with British Rowing’s supplements policy?

British Rowing and our partners Science in Sport both believe in a food first approach to nutrition – however, we recognise that there are circumstances where supplements might be appropriate once all other avenues have been assessed.

Our policy remains that under 18s should not use supplements without medical prescription and as such no marketing will be directly targeted at juniors through this partnership.

Over 18s are advised to follow our policy of Assess the Need, Assess the Risk and Assess the Consequences which includes ensuring any supplement a rower considers has been batch tested through Informed Sport. It is incredibly important in the application of this policy for us to work with a reputable supplier like Science in Sport who are diligent in their traceability so that, where rowers take an informed choice to use supplements, we are confident that our partner is able to provide the information required for the athlete to assess whether the product they are using has a low risk of containing a prohibited substance. Read more about Science in Sport’s Quality Assurance programme here.