Clean Sport Awards online learning launches in June

British Rowing is launching the Clean Sport Awards for members in June. They’re a new way to improve your anti-doping knowledge via easy-to-access online resources


At the 2018 British Rowing Senior Championships (c) Nick Middleton

Did you know that any athlete can be tested by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) if they are competing at a British Rowing affiliated event? Plus, household medications, including Lemsip and Sudafed, have been found to contain substances that are on the WADA Prohibited List.

Clean Sport Week (20-26 May) is a fantastic opportunity to spotlight the importance of being anti-doping aware, whether you are a coach, an athlete or a parent. Committed to keeping rowing clean, British Rowing is launching the Clean Sport Awards next month to make all this information accessible to more members by providing resources online.

Tom Ramsell, British Rowing Anti-Doping and Integrity Officer, said: “We want to inform all of our members about what Clean Sport is, and how we, as a governing body, can help our members avoid any inadvertent doping mistakes that may lead to rowers getting banned from sport.”

The content of the Clean Sport Awards reflects UK Anti-Doping’s ‘Clean Sport Curriculum’ and consists of six different areas: Governance, Anti-Doping Rule Violations, Medications, Supplements, The Testing Process and Reporting Doping in Sport.

Did you know that any athlete can be tested by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) if they are competing at a British Rowing affiliated event?

Each award includes general information plus some topic-based activities and a quiz, where you can test your knowledge at the end.

Once you complete an award, you will earn a certificate which will appear on your ClubHub membership. Each certificate is valid for two years, when you’ll then receive a reminder to refresh your knowledge of clean sport.

How to access the Clean Sport Awards

The Clean Sport Awards are only accessible online and can be found on RowHow from June 2019. Any member of British Rowing who has a membership can log in to RowHow via their membership login details. Find out how to do this here.

Why should I complete the Clean Sport Awards?


As athletes, rowers are subject to the UK Anti-Doping Rules, which includes providing urine and /or blood samples. The Clean Sport Awards will give you a deeper insight into what your rights and responsibilities are.


Completing the Clean Sport Awards will enable you to better protect your rowers from doping, as well as improving your knowledge of what is required from during the testing process.


The Clean Sport Awards are useful for parents too. It’s a good way to learn which medications are safe – and not safe – according to UK Anti-Doping rules, so you will know which medicines to give to junior rowers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Regional Chair or the Anti-Doping and Integrity Officer at British Rowing on