RowSafe: 2019 update has been released

RowSafe provides advice and guidance to help people participate in rowing without putting themselves and others at unacceptable risk


The 2019 update to RowSafe has been released and can be found here.  Please bookmark this page for future reference.

The purpose of RowSafe is to help people participate in rowing without putting themselves and others at unacceptable risk. It makes clear that everyone is expected to take care of their own safety and the safety of others.

Make sure you read the updated guidance to help you to take part in rowing to the best of your abilities.

Updates to RowSafe for the 2019 release address the opportunities for improvement identified by users and the wider community, incorporates the Safety Alerts issued over the past year and reflects changes to the rules of racing.

Other specific updates to RowSafe for 2019 include:

  • Guidance to event organisers explaining the issues to be considered when deciding whether to cancel or postpone an event and the desirability of making an early decision.
  • Revised guidance on heel restraints ( each shoe shall be independently restrained such that when the heel reaches the horizontal position the foot will be released from the shoe) to ensure consistency with the rules of racing.
  • Ensure that the cox’s area of bow loaded boats has no protrusions or other obstructions that would catch on the cox’s lifejacket straps, or clothing, or hair in such a way that it could impede their exit from the boat and that the straps and clothing are adjusted so that they will not catch on any part of the boat
  • Medical advice on epilepsy has been updated to be consistent with the Medical Panel guidance.

If you have any feedback, or comments or questions on RowSafe please email

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