Coaching Week – celebrating great coaching in rowing

Share your #GreatCoaching experiences during Coaching Week to recognise and celebrate your rowing coach


Emma Cox and her Looe RC crew - Gig World champions at last at Scilly (c) Alice Richards

British Rowing is supporting UK Coaching’s first ever Coaching Week to recognise and celebrate great coaching in rowing.

As part of Coaching Week, UK Coaching have announced six principles of great coaching based around the acronym – PEOPLE.

  • Person-centred
  • Empowering
  • Organised
  • Positive
  • Learning
  • Engaging

To support these six principles, over the course of Coaching Week, we’ll be sharing the stories of rowing coaches from across the country about how they coach by these principles.

Read on to find out more about each of the six principles and follow British Rowing on social to hear from rowing coaches about their experiences during #CoachingWeek.


Great coaching makes me feel valued and better for being involved. My coach knows and
understands me. I am included in the session.


Great coaching makes me feel a sense of belonging. I’m asked what I think about the
session, my feedback counts and I leave feeling motivated, inspired to learn and develop
myself further.


Great coaching means I am safe. When I ask, it’s logical as to why we are doing things in
the session to meet my goals. My coach is well prepared, instructions are clear and I know
what the outcomes will be.


Great coaching makes me feel excited, inspired and glad I came along. My coach is with me
every step of the way. Conversations are motivating, and feedback is helpful. I’m praised for
the efforts I make in an environment where I thrive and flourish.


Great coaching means that my coach understands me, and wants to help me get better. I
feel confident that I am progressing and achieving my goals. I learn something new every


Great coaching means I feel involved and motivated. The sessions are creative, and get the
best out of me. My coach adapts to meet my needs. I can’t wait to come back.

Join British Rowing and UK Coaching in celebrating great coaching and supporting Coaching Week from 4-10 June 2018 by sharing your #GreatCoaching experiences on social media and tagging in British Rowing. For more info, visit

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