British Rowing endorses the performance testing platform Archon Combine

Archon Combine is an innovative fitness testing platform to help users to improve performance and reach new personal bests


British Rowing has announced its endorsement of Archon Combine, an innovative fitness testing platform that aims to streamline performance testing in a non-performance environment.

The website enables participants to test themselves with bespoke criteria against other participants in the community. Using a data first approach, the dashboard allows participants to track their performance across a number of fitness assessments. Once adjusted for physical indicators such as height, weight, age, gender and wingspan, it gives an accurate representation of a participant’s fitness capability. This allows participants a gateway to information on how to improve performance to help them reach a new personal best.

British Rowing has supported the Archon Combine project to develop three indoor rowing challenges: the 30/30, 500m and 2km. The performance team [k1] at British Rowing have worked with Archon Combine to provide guidance on British Rowing indoor rowing technique for the Archon Combine videos featuring GB rower Alice Baatz. British Rowing has also helped to develop the indoor rowing testing criteria and it’s hoped that participants who perform well in the challenges will be encouraged to take up rowing at clubs and apply for British Rowing’s talent identification programmes.

Helen Rowbotham, British Rowing’s Director of Innovation said, “Archon Combine is a fantastic, new, innovative platform that allows us to reach and support a new audience of gym-goers who are focused on improving their personal performance.”

Matt Ford, Archon Combine’s creator said, “It was important for us to work with the governing body of each fitness assessment linked to an associated sport on the platform to ensure we were getting the most up-to-date and detailed technical information available. Working with British Rowing has helped us to standardise our rowing assessments and create a pathway to talent identification. The platform is for anyone to use, from a beginner just starting their journey into fitness right through to a seasoned pro. We hope the platform will encourage those with a competitive edge to test themselves against their peers and see how they stack up.”

You can sign up to the platform here.