Which GB Rowing Team athletes will be competing at Henley Royal Regatta?

The GB Rowing Team enters eight senior boats into the 2017 Henley Royal Regatta, along with four U23 crews aiming for selection for the World U23 Championships


(photo: Henley Royal Regatta)

Thirty-three senior athletes from the GB Rowing Team will compete at Henley Royal Regatta between 28 June – 2 July.

The regatta has attracted 577 entries from 15 nations – the second largest ever – with at least 24 Olympic medallists from Rio 2016

The GB athletes will compete under their club names, with many of the crews in the same boats that they’ve been competing in on the international stage this season.

Vicky Thornley, recently crowned European champion, races in the Princess Royal (W1x), while fellow Leander Club member Jack Beaumont will be looking to win an impressive sixth Henley title, racing in the Queen Mother Challenge Cup (M4x) alongside Jonny Walton, John Collins and Peter Lambert

The men’s four combination that competed at World Rowing Cup II in Poznan will continue to Henley, a crew of Matt Rossiter, Matthew Tarrant, Moe Sbihi and Will Satch.

The men’s eight also contains many of the rowers who competed at the World Rowing Cup, with the notable addition of 2017 Boat Race winner Ollie Cook in the bow seat. The women’s eight is also virtually unchanged from the one that won silver in Poznan, with Fiona Gammond returning in place of Karen Bennett.

As well as the senior athletes, four boats have been entered featuring athletes hoping to gain selection for the World Rowing U23 Championships this summer.

“I am really pleased with the quality of the entry in all events. I am looking forward to seeing a strong international presence in the three newly introduced events for this year – the women’s four, pair and double.  The quality of entries in these events has allowed us to double the number of crews eligible to race in each boat class,” said Sir Steve Redgrave, Chairman of the Committee of Management of the Regatta.

GB Rowing Team senior entries to Henley Royal Regatta

Princess Royal (W1x)
Victoria Thornley (Leander Club)

Women’s double sculls (W2x)
Georgia Francis (Imperial College BC)
Alice Baatz (Agecroft RC)

Women’s Pair (W2-)
Sam Courty (Bath Univ. BC)
Caragh McMurtry (Coalpoarters ARC)

Remenham Challenge Cup (W8+)
Annie Withers (Oxford Brookes Univ. BC)
Sara Parfett (Univ. of London BC)
Anastasia Chitty (Leander Club)
Rebecca Chin (Agecroft RC)
Jo Wratten (Leander Club)
Katherine Douglas (Leander Club)
Fiona Gammond (Leander Club)
Rebecca Shorten (Imperial College BC)
(Cox) Erin Wysocki-Jones (Leander Club)

Queen Mother Challenge Cup (M4x)
Jack Beaumont (Leander Club)
Jonny Walton (Leander Club)
John Collins (Leander Club)
Peter Lambert (Leander Club)

Silver Goblets & Nickalls Challenge Cup (M2-)
Sam Arnot (Leander Club)
Tom Jeffery (Leander Club)

Stewards’ Challenge Cup (M4-)
Matt Rossiter (Leander Club)
Moe Sbihi (Molesey)
Matthew Tarrant (Oxford Brookes Univ. BC)
Will Satch (Leander Club)

Grand Challenge Cup (M8+)
Oliver Cook (Oxford Univ. BC)
Tom George (Leander Club)
Cameron Buchan (Leander Club)
Callum McBrierty (Leander Club)
Jacob Dawson (Leander Club)
Adam Neill (Leander Club)
James Rudkin (Newcastle Univ. BC)
Lance Tredell (Cambridge Univ. BC)
(Cox) Henry Fieldman (Molesey)

U23 boats entered

Princess Grace Challenge Cup (W4x)
Saskia Budgett (Tideway Scullers School)
Kyra Edwards (Nottingham RC)
Anna Thornton (Nottingham RC)
Lucy Glover (Warrington RC)

Remenham Challenge Cup (W8+)
Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne (Univ. of London BC)
Georgia Statham (Univ. of London BC)
Ellie Stewart (Univ. of London BC)
Issy Powell (Imperial College BC)
Fiona Bell (Aberdeen Univ. BC)
Thea Zabell (CUWBC)
Lauren Irwin (Nautilus BC)
Heidi Long (Marlow RC)
(Cox) Sasha Adwani (Newcastle Univ. BC)

Stewards’ Challenge Cup (M4-)
Matthew Benstead (Molesey)
Tom Digby (Griffen BC)
Charlie Elwes (Leander Club)
Sholto Carnegie (Leander Club)

Ladies Challenge Cup (M8+)
William Geffen (London RC)
Alastair Douglass (Molesey)
George Stewart (Molesey)
Rufus Biggs (Nautilus BC)
David Bewicke-Copley (Sport Imperial BC)
Jack Gosden-Kaye (Leander Club)
David Ambler (Tideway Scullers School)
Arthur Doyle (Univ. of London BC)
(Cox) Ian Middleton (Cambridge Univ. BC)