The BOA comment on the Zika Virus


The British Olympic Association (BOA), otherwise known as Team GB, is responsible for supporting all the Olympic sports and the athletes who are selected to compete at the Olympic Games. As such, the BOA have commented on the Zika virus and have provided advice as below.

If you are thinking of travelling to Rio to watch the team compete, then please head to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) website for more information about the Zika virus.

BOA CEO, Bill Sweeney said:

“With six months to go until the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the British Olympic Association is continuing to develop its plans for the Games and is proactively supporting sports and athletes with all aspects of their preparations.

“In particular, given the ongoing concerns over the Zika virus outbreak, the BOA has been working closely with the British Paralympic Association and the home country sports institutes to develop a specific guidance note, drawing on all the latest medical advice. This is being issued to sports to share with their athletes and staff and aims to address any concerns, enabling them to fully focus on their own important preparations for Rio.

“The guidance note reaffirms the facts about Zika and focuses on mosquito bite prevention strategies which are key. It also recommends that individuals adopt the latest Government advice, which advises that pregnant women should consider their travel options to areas with active Zika transmission, and anyone who does decide to go should seek  travel health advice from their GP or a travel clinic well in advance of their trip.

“The BOA has no higher priority than the safety and health of its athletes and delegation and, based on the information currently available, plans for Team GB’s participation in Rio 2016 remain on course.

“We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming months, staying in close contact with Rio 2016, the IOC and with UK Government’s public health agencies to ensure we continue to proactively offer the latest and best possible advice for sports to share with their athletes and staff, as well as friends and family and the wider Team GB delegation.”

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