Important anti-doping update for British Rowing members

[newsimage=0]British Rowing’s aim, working in partnership with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), is to ensure that sport is protected from the threat of doping, and that athletes have the consistent right to compete against other clean athletes. The right for all to participate in fair competition is important to all those who are passionate about sport – whether you are a participant, coach, official or spectator.

Anti-doping, like sport, is governed by rules. From 1st January 2015, a revised World Anti-Doping Code (2015 Code) comes into effect. This means that internationally everyone will be working to a new set of anti-doping rules that will guide the anti-doping programmes in each country. As a member of British Rowing, anti-doping rules apply to you too, at whatever level you participate.

The 2015 Code has increased the number of Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs), and places a greater emphasis on both Athlete Support Personnel (ASP) such as coaches and sports medics, and the relevance of anti-doping education. It is therefore vitally important that all members understand the 2015 Code and its implications.

From 1st January 2015, those who choose to deliberately cheat and return a positive test will face a four-year ban from all sport as the minimum sanction for the first offence. 

However, the 2015 Code also has less sympathy for carelessness. The penalty for inadvertent doping is likely to be a two-year ban or more.

Remember that it is not just a positive test by an athlete that is an ADRV – from 1st January there will be 10 ways to break the rules. You need to make sure you have the required level of anti-doping knowledge to protect yourself and help those around you to train and compete clean.

To ensure all members have access to the necessary Anti-Doping education, British Rowing is planning a series of regional training days at which Club Welfare Officers and other club officials can access information on how to support club members. If you would be interested in attending or if your club may be able to host sessions, please complete our short questionnaire

Visit the Anti-Doping section of our website for our rules and policies:

For more information on the new code please visit UKAD’s 2015 Code Microsite, and you can also find key facts and the 2015 Code documentation on the WADA website.