News for Club Safety & Welfare Officers

Club Safety Audit – Suspended Clubs

The deadline for submitting your club safey audit has now passed.

Please check the current list of clubs that have yet to pay their affiliation fee or complete the audit, and are thus suspended from racing.

An important reminder from the Safety Committee

The national Safety Committee suggests that sending a monthly ‘safety tip’ is an idea for club rowing safety adviser’s everywhere. Recently a CRSA sent a message along these lines to all their club rowers.

Heel Restraints:  Why are they there?  So that a rower’s feet are easily released in the event of a capsize or swamping.

Always remember to check your heel restraints before boating and be sure to check that:

  • the cord is not frayed and doesn’t break when given a strong pull
  • the heels are independently attached to the footplate
  • the heel does not lift more than 7cm away from the foot stretcher, as measured at right angles from the footplate, and certainly not above the horizontal.

For more detail and guidance go to:

Or check out this recent post on heel restraints.

Educare – New Online Learning

Would you like to update your skills but can’t attend classroom training? Sign up for our new range of online Safeguarding courses and learn when and where you like!

British Rowing has enlisted the services of Educare, an award-winning provider of online bespoke distance learning solutions, and the course will only cost £20 (normally £25) for the first 25 people who sign up.

Find out more about the online course and how you can book your place:

JAN 2015 UPDATE: Please note that British Rowing is no longer offering Educare courses.