Rowing success secures Sport England funding


Sport England announced today that British Rowing has been awarded £8.2 million for its development programmes in the period 2013 – 2017. 

In a year of outstanding competition at London 2012 the national governing body is delighted with the news and looks forward to building on its past success. This was an extremely tough funding round in which plans were closely scrutinised by Sport England. British Rowing’s funding application with its programme of continued development was well received, and the sport congratulated on a concise and logical plan.

The award means that British Rowing has met challenging participation targets set out in the 2009 – 2013 Whole Sport Plan, demonstrating efficient investment of funds awarded and a sound track record.

Rosemary Napp, National Manager, paid tribute to everyone in rowing who has played their part. “I would like to thank all those who got so wholeheartedly behind Explore Rowing, our flagship participation programme for the last four years. The result of this hard work and investment is reflected in our increased membership figures and we expect to see numbers continue to rise as we deploy this new funding to develop participation schemes across England.”

Kate Burt, Chief Executive Officer said, “2013 looks to be yet another exciting year for Rowing as we look forward to new challenges and partnerships. Our efforts will not let up as we explore all opportunities to maximise the legacy of London 2012 and bring our wonderful sport to the widest audience.”

Di Ellis CBE, Chairman of British Rowing, said sport was fortunate to receive investment from the Lottery and expressed her gratitude to Sport England; “I know how very hard Jennie Price, Chief Executive of Sport England, and her team have worked to secure funding for sport in difficult economic times. On behalf of British Rowing I would like to convey the appreciation of all in rowing to Sport England”. 

The successful application means British Rowing will continue to make the most of the inspiration generated by London 2012. The new and informal activities introduced in 2009 will continue to be a focus. There are plans to make it easier for 14 – 26 year old rowers to stay in the sport, different rowing environments and challenges will be explored, including local and informal opportunities for competition. Committed club rowers will be supported through investment in infrastructure, competition, pathways for talented rowers and education and training for volunteers. 

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  • Inspired by British Rowing’s first gold medal for Team GB on 1st August 5,400 people searched for a rowing club at
  • Participation by rowers who row regularly once a week has now reached 81,000. 
  • British Rowing membership has increased by 24% since the start of the 2009 – 2013 Whole Sport Plan.