New Strength and Conditioning posters: available now!


A new series of British Rowing Strength and Conditioning posters are available now.

The Strength and Conditioning posters provide guidance to rowers and coaches on the correct technique for various weights exercises.

Good technique is vital when lifting weights – not only to prevent injury but also to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained from doing the exercises correctly.

There are six posters in the new series, which include information on:

  • Power clean progression, including front squat, jump and shrug, hang clean and power clean
  • Hip, leg and back exercises including stiff legged deadlift, deadlift, back squat and good mornings
  • Leg strengthening exercises including single leg squat, split squat, Bulgarian squat, step ups and forward lunge
  • Upper body exercises including bench pull, one arm row, bench press and bent over row

The full set is available for £12.99 (including p+p) and can be purchased from British Rowing HQ. To place your order, email

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