Newly-qualified coaches

Congratulations to the newest batch of British Rowing qualified coaches!

We’re delighted to announce that the following coaches have all passed Level 3 or Level 3 Coaching courses:

Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Rowing

Carol Cornell (Walton RC)
Steve Fox (Peterborough City RC)

Rhiannon Halliday (British Rowing)
Chris Jillings (Cygnet RC)
Katherine Morris (British Rowing)
Sharon Noble-Layng (British Rowing)
Anthony Smith (Tideway Scullers School)
Helen Taylor (British Rowing)

Level 3 Introduction to Assessment Practice

Lydia Birch (British Rowing)

Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rowing (Sliding Seat)

Derek Atkins (Nottingham BC)
Ann Broekman (University of Chester RC)
Jeff Creak (Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre)
Shane Harwood (Unattached)
John Hore (Grosvenor RC)
Clothilde Hugot (Dame Alice Harpur School)
Gary Lovejoy (Putney Town RC)
Ailsa Maddock (Unattached)
Mary Massaro (Leander Club)
Anuszka Maton (Hinksey Sculling School)
Ethan Moore (Sheffield Hallam University RC)
Raluca-Elena Popescu (City of Oxford RC)
Kirsty Sanders (Strathclyde University BC)
Jonathan Webster (Hinksey Sculling School)
Luke Whatley (Unattached)
Benedict Wilson (Butler College BC)
Daniel Anderson (Lincoln RC)
Matt Bailey (Christchurch RC)
Kieran Barnes (Newark RC)
Peter Blewett (The Langley Academy)
Lucy Bott (Kingston RC)
Lina Brazinskaite (Royal Docks RC)
Ellen Bridges (Isle of Ely RC)
Charles Bullock (Collingwood CollegeBC)
Helen Campion (Monmouth RC)
Kathryn Carlyle (Bewdley RC)
Hugh Chapman (Cantabrigian RC)
Jack Choppin (Leeds University BC)
Jen Clements (Stratford-upon-Avon BC)
Lucia Cruddas (Weybridge Ladies ARC)
Martyn Davies (Unattached)
Robert Dibley (Gloucester RC)
Jonathon Dixon (St Marys College BC)
Merlin Dwan (London RC)
Shaun Ellis ( Tiffin Associates RC)
Mitchell Fordham (Lincoln RC)
Robert Fox (Leicester RC)
Allan French (Oxford Brookes University BC)
Natasha Gallagher (Walbrook RC)
Hannah Gavin (Bath University BC)
Louise Gehardsen (Sheffield Hallam University RC)
Sally Gittins (Bewdley RC)
Karen Goldstone (Camrowers)
Amy Haddock (St Marys College BC)
Emily Hall (Leicester RC)
David Hanley (Unattached)
Dan Harris (Bath University BC)
Jonathan Hayes (Chester University RC)
Kimberley Headley (West of England University RC)
Ashley Hewitt (Nottingham RC)
Thomas Hillman (Butler College BC)
Benjamin Hunter (Thames Tradesmen RC)
Sophie Hutchings (Exeter RC)
Liam James (Sheffield Hallam University RC)
Finn Jenk (Colet BC)
Iwan Jones (Medway Towns RC)
Benjamin Knowles (Lea RC)
Peter Lamb (Westover & Bournemouth RC)
Nicole Line (Thames Tradesmen RC)
Joseph Lines (Butler College BC)
Sam McCoriston (Maidenhead RC)
Tom Mann (Worcester University RC)
Kim Martyn-Smith (Bewdley RC)
Jessica Mauger (Thames Tradesmen RC)
Sarah Mawhinney (Sheffield Hallam University RC)
Steven Maxwell (BTC Southampton RC)
Roy Miller (Weyfarers RC)
Naveeda Mitchell (Weybridge Ladies ARC)
Sarah Moneypenny (St Marys College BC)
Hannah Myers (Kingsley School RC)
Jessica Myers (Kingsley School RC)
Phillipa Nicholas (Unattached)
Frances Nichols (Gloucester RC)
Ian Paradine (Hull RC)
Phillip Poynter (Oratory School BC)
Jonathan Richardson (Nottingham Trent University RC)
Andrew Roberts (Leeds University BC
Kim Robinson (Stratford-upon-Avon BC)
Thomas Ross (Leeds University BC)
Adam Rushton (London RC)
Steve Rustage (Oundle Town RC)
Thomas Saunders (Maidstone Invicta RC)
James Searle (York St John RC)
Helen Seymour (Wimbleball RC)
Adam Shire (Walton RC)
Sam Simons ( Nottingham Trent University RC)
David Smith (Westover &Bournemouth RC)
Edward Snaith (Grey College BC)
Michael Southworth (Kings School Chester RC)
Michael Spruzs (Guildford RC)
Andrew Sykes (Trafford RC)
George Talboys (Star Club)
Andrew Taylor (St Neots RC)
Helen Taylor (Kings School Worcester BC)
Alexander Trautrims (Hull University BC)
Andrew Walker (Emmanuel BC)
Rory Wells (St Peters School BC)
Emma Woodedd (Evesham RC)

Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rowing (Fixed Seat)

Martyn Davies (Unattached)
Fraser Delf (Looe, CPGA)
Phillipa Nicholas (Unattached)