New Rules of Racing

On Sunday (April 1st) the 2012 British Rowing Rules of Racing will come into effect, with a number of notable changes.

Rules of Racing Sub Committee Chairman Tim Walton highlights some of the alterations:

‘A review of typographical and tautological errors in the Rules has resulted in a number of minor corrections.

‘It is recognised that officials cannot be responsible for checking all competitors’ equipment and the new wording that they will ‘use their best endeavours’ reflects this.

‘Minor alterations have been made to the start routine also, and it is worthwhile re-reading this to become acquainted with the new wording.

‘BROE has now been included into the Rules and recognising the increasing use of electronic and data transfer, returns following regattas are now to be made electronically.

‘Two changes have been made in the Junior events section, namely the introduction of the rule that prevents any Junior rowing at Lightweight and secondly, confirmation that only Juniors of J14 age band and above winning a Junior qualifying event will be Junior A for the remainder of the age band of competition at which the qualifying win was achieved.

‘Finally, some equivocality regarding limitations on entry into Primary events has also been corrected in the 3rd bullet of Appendix B. This year’s changes are highlighted by the sidebars in the attached document.’

Download the 2012 Rules of Racing.