4,000 entries for Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Organisers for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant in 2012 say that the event is four times over-subscribed, with 4,000 boats registering for 1,000 places.

Successful applicants for a place in the seven-mile long flotilla will be informed before the end of the year, with the selection process already underway by a panel including boat clubs and associations, and representatives of the river community.

“This will be the biggest river pageant to take place on the Thames since the reign of Charles II, three and a half centuries ago, and it may not happen again for a very long time,” said Pageant Master Adrian Evans, who also hailed the ‘amazing’ number of boat applications.

“The first consideration will be safety and fitness-for-purpose,” said Mr. Evans, who will chair the group tasked with selecting which of the 4,000 vessels will take part in the pageant. ‘The Thames is a difficult and dangerous river and we must pay due respect to that.

‘We will then consider the range of vessel types, looking for those vessels with historical significance or a story to tell. 

‘We want the pageant to be as spectacular and as exciting as possible and we are looking for boats that will add to that, so the more we have to choose from, the easier it will be to achieve.

‘Needless to say, it won’t be possible to include everyone, and if your boat is not selected for whatever reason, there will be lots of wonderful opportunities to enjoy the day from the river bank and around London.

‘We want to make sure that everyone has a great time on what will be an extraordinary day as we say thank you to The Queen for her sixty years of service to the Nation and the Commonwealth.’

The 1,000 vessels chosen to take part in the pageant will travel from Wandsworth Bridge to Tower Bridge, London (see route, pictured below).

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant route

For a glimpse of what next summer’s pageant may look like, see this Daily Mail graphic.

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