London rowers support the construction of the Thames Tunnel

The Thames Regional Rowing Council (TRRC) is keen to see the River Thames maintained as one of the most significant stretches of water for recreational use in the UK. Part of that aim is seeking to ensure that river users have clean and safe water on which to row.
As such, the TRRC supports the proposed construction of the Thames Tunnel between Hammersmith and Limehouse as it will result in a cleaner river on which to row.
TRRC will be actively engaging with Thames Water and Tideway Tunnels during and after the upcoming consultation to ensure that recreational rowing can continue to take place safely in the vicinity of the proposed work sites at Putney Bridge and Barn Elms, and further down river, whilst construction takes place.  
TRRC Deputy Chairman Downriver, Paul Baldwin, said: “Dialogue has already been established with Thames Water on this matter and will continue before and during the construction of the Thames Tunnel.”

For further information visit the Thames Regional Rowing Council website.

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