Totally Outdoors

Lead Coach for the GB Lightweights from 2005 to 2009, Robin Williams, has turned in his stopwatch for a cash register and has opened a new shop for rowers in Henley.

Called ‘Totally Outdoors’ the business is located just out of the town centre at 25a Reading Road and is firmly aimed at the rowing community with clothing, spares, books, gadgets and vinyl boat names, but also aims to attract other sports and people who are active outdoors.

‘Rowing has been a consuming passion for many years’ says Robin, who also led Cambridge for 11 Boat Race campaigns against Oxford, ‘but I have enjoyed most water sports as well as cycling, running and hiking too when I’ve had the chance, so Totally Outdoors is a great opportunity for me to share my own interests with my customers’ and even discover a few new ones!’

He sees Henley as the perfect place to start his business as the river reaches its busiest time in July with HRR and events going on in the Chiltern Hills all summer.

To contact Robin call 01491 576470 or email