Oxford Dominate On The Tideway

Boat Race 2009

Oxford defeated Cambridge by 3½ lengths in the 155th Boat Race having seen their reserve crew, Isis, dominate the reserves race winning by 4 lengths.

Having won the toss, Cambridge selected to row on the Surrey station giving Oxford the advantage around the first corner.  The Cambridge crew then added to this advantage with a poor start which should have seen Oxford take the early initiative, however, a strong recovery from Cambridge and a wide line from Oxford cox, Colin Groshong, saw Cambridge in the lead at Hammersmith Bridge.


After Hammersmith Bridge the crews came very close to clashing and Cambridge pushed ahead to almost a length.  This proved to be the stimulus to a massive Oxford push which combined with a heavy clash led to Oxford clawing back the light blue crew before pushing ahead.  Rebecca Dowbiggin, the Cambridge cox, tried to get her crew to respond but the power of Oxford was just too much and approaching three miles Oxford were able to come across and wash down the Cambridge boat.

It was a lead they were not to surrender and the dark blue crew crossed the finish line in a time of 17 minutes flat to win the 155th Boat Race.


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