sports coach UK 2008 finalists

The dedication and hard work of sports coaches will be recognised in an evening ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane London on Wednesday December 17th 2008 when the winners will be announced. 

The finalists are listed below and a full list of categories and coaches is on sports coach UK website.

Children’s Coach of the Year

Wayne Clews (Table Tennis)
Gordon Fearn and Martin Tilling (Nottinghamshire Play Sport)
Sarah Thomas (Rowing)

Participation Coach of the Year

Darren Barton (Rowing)
Craig Martin (Disability Golf, Elmwood College)
Kerry Pulvirenti (Judo)

Performance Development Coach of the Year

Andy Banks (Diving)
Steve Irish (Sailing)
Darren Whiter (Rowing)

High performance Coach of the Year

Jenny Archer (Athletics)
Bill Furniss (Swimming)
Chris Gowers (Sailing)
Jurgen Grobler (Rowing)
Billy Pye (Disability Swimming)
Shane Sutton (Cycling)
Bob Torrance (Golf)

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