More success through Repechages

Repechage update.

Two more British rowers qualified for Friday’s semi-finals from this afternoon’s repechages. Ian Lawson finished second in his repechage, while GBR 2 took third place in the Lightweight women’s doubles.


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Single scull Repechage 1

1.  Chrysi Biskitzi(Greece)            7:57.83
2.  Nora Fiechter (Switzerland)            7:58.83
3.  Hester Goodsell (GREAT BRITAIN)    8:00.48
4.  Michaela Taupe (Austria)            8:04.47
5.  Ibtissem Trimech (Tunisia)            8:06.56
6.  Ka Man Lee (Hong Kong)            8:12.92

Repechage 2
1.Benedicte LUzuy (France)            8:06.33
2.  Ismaryay Marrero Aria (Cuba)        8:08.28
3.  Antonia Vanderventer (GREAT BRITAIN) 8:11.50
4.  Siobhan Jacob (Ireland)            8:14.18
5. Solenne Hamon (France)            8:17.38
6. Ilona Hiltunen (Finland)            8:24.96

Double Sculls
1. Sanna Sten/MInna Nieminen (Finland)    7:20.18
2.Niamh Ni Cheilleacher/Heather Boyle (Ireland) 7:20.24
3. Lorna Norris/Tanya Brady (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:21.82
4. Emmanuelle Sarda/Coralie Ribeil (France) 7:22.24
5. Eva Val Del Rio/Meritxell Alonso Bertomeu (Spain) 7:43.40
6  Kwan Yau Yip/Siu Man Tong (Hong Kong)     8:00.45

MEN- LIghtweights

Double sculls

1. Vladimir Varfolomeyev/Denis Moissoyev (Russia)    6:38.70
2.Nuno Mendes/Pedro Fraga (Portugal)    6:39.90
3.JIe Sun/HOng Chen (China)            6:44.07
4.Hossam Azouz/Mansaour Sardek (Egypt)    6:50.95
5. Kwong Wing Chow/Ming Chung Ho (HOng Kong)    6:51.06
6. Ali Brown/James Stephenson (GREAT BRITAIN)    6:52.23


Single Sculls
1. Akos Haller (Hungary)            7.04.36
2. Ian Lawson (GREAT BRITAIN)    7:07.28
3. Martin Yanakiev (Bulgaria)        7:10.66
4. Charalampos Christou (Greece)    7:20.39
5.  Espen Wingsternaes (Norway)    7:21.81

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